Rainarc Rhapsody LLC


Stephen Raffill is an artist and illustrator in Madison, Wisconsin where he lives a quiet life of painting and fighting with Photoshop brushes. He travels to conventions across the country and sells high quality prints and posters of his artwork. The best part of his job is talking with his customers, sharing stories about the latest video games and enjoying the convention atmosphere.



email: rainarc at gmail dot com
phone: 608-561-RAIN



Stephen has been drawing most of his life, but in 2000, he was invited to share an artist alley table at Anime Central with some friends. He has been attending conventions and selling his artwork ever since!


Customer reviews

"Had a good experience with store owner. Kept me up to date and got me my picture quickly. I got it matted and framed and I get to look at her every night! Put her opposite my FemShep in between my bookcase full of memorabilia. Love it! " — Keri (purchased Tali from Mass Effect)

"Gorgeous! Beautiful art that is simply wonderful  " — Jesse (purchased Samus from Metroid)

"The print is beautiful and arrived very safely packaged. Thank you so much!  " — Chelsea (purchased Castlevania)

"This was a gift, and it was a big hit! Quality printing on substantial paper! " — Dana (purchased Nightwing)